05. 04. 2023

As an employer or colleague, it is important to be aware of Ramadan and its significance for Muslims.

As an employer or colleague, it is important to be aware of Ramadan and its significance for Muslims. This can help you to create a supportive and inclusive workplace where everyone feels valued and respected.
29. 03. 2023

Are you living for weekends?

TGIF, right? People love to live for the weekends, to enjoy the time off from work and do things for themselves. However, relying solely on weekends to bring you happiness is a mistake that could be detrimental to your career. In this post, we'll discuss why living for the weekends is bad for your career and how to fix it.
22. 03. 2023

It's not too late to change careers!

Changing careers can be difficult for a number of reasons and one of the main reasons is the financial responsibilities that come with getting older... Does anyone actually love what they do for work? A very small percentage, most likely. The truth is, finding a job or career in a field which you're most passionate about, doesn't tend to pay a begin with. 
15. 03. 2023

Food for thought...

A few weeks back I created a poll on LinkedIn. It was a vague but an important question which should get employers, employees and anyone looking to make a career move think 🤔 Why don’t employers advertise salaries on their job ads? Don’t get me wrong, some do but most don’t. A total of 228 people voted and I’d like to thank all those who did! THANK YOU 🫶🏼 you’re all a bunch of legends. Of 228, 79% voted 'Nay' 🙅🏼‍♂️ which is no surprise!
05. 03. 2023

What accounting qualification to study? ACCA vs ACA...

Are you interested in pursuing a career in accounting, but not sure which qualification to choose? Two of the most well-known accounting qualifications in the UK are the ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) and the ACA (Associate Chartered Accountant). While both qualifications offer excellent training and career opportunities, there are some key differences that you should be aware of before making a decision.
23. 02. 2023

Employment Trends in Brighton

The city of Brighton is home to a vibrant, diverse population and a bustling job market. With the introduction of new technology, emerging industries, and an ever-changing global economy, employers in Brighton are constantly looking for ways to remain competitive in the job market.